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Concept Development | UI Design | Full-Stack Development

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A custodial backed NFT marketplace with the goal of making NFTs accessible by allowing enthusiasts to purchase NFTs using credit cards.

The Idea

What Do We Want?

"An NFT marketplace, which is secure, easy to use, fast, and reliable." These were the instructions given to us while starting. This was a challenge...
What Do We Want?

The Challenge

Finding The Right Solution

It was a challenge because Web3 has traditionally been out of bound for the daily internet users. Tokapi wanted to change that by being a user-focused NFT marketplace in which you could buy, sell & trade NFTs through credit cards, which were a strict requirements as credit cards are needed to make NFTs accessible since traditional internet users simply do not know how to use a web3 wallet.
Finding The Right Solution

The Solution

From an Idea to a Reality

Through hours of deliberations in UI meetings, we designed a full-fledge NFT marketplace while emphasising on the ease of the end-users. The designs were then transformed into a modern SPA using React.js while using AWS Amplify framework for user management, API building and hosting.
From an Idea to a Reality

Technology Stack

Technological expertise provided by Robor

The NFT marketplace is a React.js SPA, which uses MaterialUI for CSS support while relying on AWS' 99% availability for hosting, API management and database & file storage

  • React.js
  • MaterialUI
  • GitHub
  • Kanban
  • Node.js
  • AWS Amplify
  • GraphQL
  • AWS Lambdas

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