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We build highly scalable and performant cloud based applications that will meet your current and future needs with ease.

Embedded Systems

Working with micro-controllers is our hobby and we're good at it. We can take your next IoT project from inception to conclusion.

Data Engineering

We ♥ data and can help you extract, clean, process, store and finally utilize it in your ML applications. Just tell us what you need 🙂

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A custodial backed NFT marketplace with the goal of making NFTs accessible by allowing enthusiasts to purchase NFTs using credit cards.

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    Stable Diffusion Artist

    Get creative and transform your ideas into novel artistic art pieces by using our latest Stable Diffusion API that takes in a prompt and converts it into a picture.

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    We lead your idea from inception to completion.





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    Usama Habib

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    Ajwad Masood

    Maryam Suhail

    Usama Qazi

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